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     I.F.Italy has a clear mission, the design, production and distribution of innovative products for the construction industry.

     Since the assemblement process of  windows and doors is probably one of the areas where intensive labour is  needed;

     Our products have been designed  to considerably reduce these costs and resolve also some application deficiencies, in or-

     der to establish the premises for higher service standards for our client.

     This has been translated  through  these years into the development  and the improvement of all kinds of products, as well as

     the conception, study, replication and  distribution of  patented products  that  serve the final consumer whose always on the

     lookout for the latest products.

     Our target is to guarantee products and quality service to our clients, in full compliance with the European rules&regulations.

     Innovation doesn't consist only in brilliant  ideas: the development  of products  requires laboratory proof  just as well as field


     I.FItaly has a unique innovation centre that's one of a kind, and has the duty of guarantying leadership to the business in it's

     own industry field.

     The most important resource of a business are the people from which it is composed;

     I.FItaly can count on a team that's composed  by people with a long business experience and who shadow new collaborators

     that are rich in enthusiasm and professionality;

     These terms set the basis  for superior service to our client: from a logistic standpoint to technical support, so we can satisfy

     a whole range of needs our clients might have.

     It's an important aspect to consider, since I.FItaly is the only company in Europe able to supply a product and service of this









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